Our guard services

The guard services
The services rendered by AJ Company are considered to be one of the most professional throughout the entire United Arab Emirates.

We supply only the most highly experienced, fully trained by the National Security Institute (NSI) in UAE who meet PSBD (Private Security Business Department) Standards, as all our guards are PSBD licensed and all of them have considerable experienced from their own country.

When an AJ Security Guard is on site, you can rest assured that all of your security needs are being met, and surpassed. That’s because our guards are highly trained individuals who must pass various testing requirements before they are allowed to wear the coveted AJ Uniform. Our AJ Guards are closely monitored by a Patrolling Supervisors to ensure that everything is executed accordingly and see if any problems arise. AJ Security Guards are trained for any environment and can handle any security challenge your organization may be confronted with.

  • How guards are selected
    We appoint qualified guards who are physically fit and have mental and physical attributes to ensure that they can work within the field requirements. And such guards that we vetted through oral and written test, plus the fact that has impeccable character and with spotless background only we select. Most of them have wide-range of experienced already in their home country as security guard, police and even in the arm forces. These guards came from different countries such as, Egypt, Pakistan, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, and other countries. All guards are at least fluent in two languages, one which is English and the other is Arabic. Guards are deployed appropriately with regard to the diversity of the duties assigned to them.

  • Training of the guard
    The guard is subjected to various training courses in different fields, such as
       *Dubai Police Training (DPT) – conducted by a security training institute in Dubai for Basic Security Guard Training.
       *National Security Institute (NSI) – conducted by a security training institute in Ajman for Basic Security Guard Training which is duly accredited by the Private     Security Business Department (PSBD)
       *Private Security Business Department (PSBD) Test – a test for securing license of guard.

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